Friday, September 12, 2008

Humz and Yeppy

Humz is Yeppy's sister, they're twin gophers who are always looking to have some fun, they share a very special bond. If you hear singing or humming from a distance, it's probably Humz. Sometime ago, a huge earthworm named Showoff, followed the sounds of Humz singing. Now, Showoff is Humz and Yeppy's gigantic pet. They usually ride on his back like a roller coaster. Humz know what every sound of the forest is, and she can mimic all of them.

Yeppy is the brother of Humz, you can find him playing in the dirt or mud down by the creek. Yeppy never says no to an adventure, especially, one as big as their journey to Moody Mountain--when they go in search of Bloomseeds. He doesn't even care if there's a creature named Monstower who dwells there. He's really brave for such a little guy. He looks after his sister and all of his friends.