Monday, November 28, 2011


Bookworm is Saszi's big sister, she is incredibly smart and loves reading books. She's a mother figure to all of the others in the village. If someone has a problem, most likely, she'll be the one to try and solve it. Her knowledge on almost any subject matter is impressive to say the least. She knows magic and practices wizardry. Bookworm worries about the safety of her friends and herself, from the creature know as Monstower. She leads an expedition every year, to find the Bloomseeds at the apex of Moody Mountain.


Teevin is Hideaway's best friend in the whole world. You can find this little guy playing on the beach or in the snow. He has a childlike view of the world, wide eyed and curious, makes for a great recipe for getting into trouble. Teevin also adores Bookworm, she loves and care for him like a mother. Teevin is always chewing on something to strengthen his bite and baby teeth. He craves attention and love learning new things.


Hideaway is Teevin's best friend, they play together whenever they can. Being a chameleon and having the ability to change his colors to blend into his surroundings--makes him really good at playing hide and go seek. Hideaway and Teevin are always going on adventures and discovering new things together. He's soft spoken and has a lot love for all of his old and new friends.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Saszi is Bookworm's little sister, a hyper-active and fun spirited young cat. She takes her doll, Miss Pawsy, with her almost everywhere she goes. Saszi looks at life as one big party—in which it is always her birthday, complete with singing and dancing. She loves playing dress up and making something or someone prettier than one should be. She loves her friends and has a loving, but sometimes irritating bond with her sister. She also mistakenly bop others with her doll.